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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 1.8.10

Kansas Basketball

Column: KU's team of knuckleheads could win it all |

Uh oh....he did it. Tully and many more will make the declaration that Kansas could win it all. How fortunate can we be, it happens EVERY year it seems. And that is the primary reason that the whole, Kansas chokes taunt is BS. If people expect you to win it every year, how do you live up to expectations? Bad teams lose every year, good teams lose every year, great teams lose every year. I'd just assume be in the great category then be bad and not risk the "choke" factor.

Kansas AD

How will Jayhawks' Zenger tackle football? |

Anymore as an AD at Kansas you are going to be judged by what happens on the football field and by what happens in terms of reputation in the overall department. If the basketball team experiences success, it's not Zenger, it's Self. But if football turns a corner on his watch, he has a chance to leave a legacy for years to come.

Kansas City Chiefs ticket chief Doug Hopkins named new KU director of ticket operations |

Sure is funny that this is news, but I get it...we all know the history. Congrats to Doug Hopkins for being the most celebrated director of ticket operations in the history of sport.