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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 1.7.11

Kansas Basketball

KU's Johnson makes most of his minutes |

We talk so much about turning the corner with guys like Withey, Releford, Robinson, etc. Go ahead and mark Johnson as a guy that two months ago looked like he might play a diminished role for a second straight year and now he is very much in the mix to play. Bill Self talked about a 10 deep rotation and most around here said I'll believe it when I see it. Players like Johnson emerging might just force that reality.

Releford becomes KU’s Mr. Post Man -

I missed this one the other day. Just another guy stepping up and another neat example of what Danny Manning brings to the program. Just when you think we might be looking at that rebuilding year, guys like this sit waiting for their shot.

Column: A good lineup, for a start |

Biggest question of late is what the starting lineup will be. I think there were a lot of folks who liked the lineup two nights ago. What's your vote?

KU’s Bill Self: Travis Releford a utility player |

The U position. Perhaps Turner Gill could use Releford as a utility player as well. I bet he could do it. A DeAndre Daniels update buried in this one. Sounds like we're waiting on paperwork but it's all but official that he'll be a Jayhawk.

Kansas Football

KU football offense historically bad in 2010, and what it means for 2011 | The Newell Post |

A mildly depressing look at Kansas football's offense from last year and what we can expect this year. Rock M Nation's Bill C. checks in with Jesse Newell to go over the numbers from his football outsiders gig and while both are quick to give a pass on Turner Gill year one, neither is particularly optimistic about Gill year two. Basically we need something dramatic to change if we are going to see a change. Calling Brock Berglund?

Jake Sharp’s dream still alive |

A little update from the gridiron and a former Jayhawk. Sharp is putting on speed camps around the state and says he'll continue to give football a go for one more year. Hats off to him for following that dream one more time, but I can't imagine anything changes. Too bad he wasn't built in the mold of Welker or Woodhead(?) out there in New England. Seems like that's the fit he could have gone for with a little different makeup.