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A (semi) Statistical Recap of UMKC

Speaking of games you can't really learn, Kansas dispatched UMKC 99-52 in the last tuneup before Michigan and then conference games begin. The chances of an upset were thin to begin with, but they went out the window entirely when UMKC shot 3-21 from three. The Kangaroos, beyond having an awesome name, are a pretty perimeter oriented team, taking 39% of their shots from the field from beyond the arc, and don't get to the line often (39.7 FTA/FGA).

During games like these, I generally throw out most stats as not necessarily meaningless, but ones I don't really take into account much when evaluating a team. The fact that Kansas didn't turn it over much and made the Roos turn it over a lot is nice, but when you have the athletic advantage KU did tonight it should be expected. but one thing I do focus on a bit is at the free throw line. Kansas went 20-23 from the line, and just as importantly most of the guys making the free throws are guys who are going to be on the floor at the end of a tournament game. Tyshawn and Selby combined to go 12-13 from the stripe.

Player breakdowns after the jump:

  • I think I will start with Elijah Johnson. EJ played a game high 26 minutes and took a game high 11 shots from the field, including 8 threes. He's a pretty good shooter, so I have no problem with him taking that many threes, though when he has twice as many as the next highest guy it is maybe a sign of him forcing it a bit (I didn't watch the game however, so someone will have to clue me in).
  • Selby led the team in scoring, but he did it very economically. 2-3 from both two and three, and 6-6 from the stripe. I have a feeling he will be this year's Sherron Collins when it comes to crunch time. And you know what? as much as I loved Sherron, I trust Selby a lot more. Maybe this is a bit fanboy-ish of me, but I think he is just flat out better than anyone who would be guarding him in a late game situation.
  • Tyshawn had his first really good game in the Selby era. 3-6 from two and 1-3 from three, both definitely good numbers from a point guard, but he had 7 assists to 0 turnovers. That is definitely not going to happen often with a guy who has as much of a high risk high reward skill set as T2 but it is still very nice to see.
  • Both of the Morri had four fouls in this game, and that I think is our biggest weakness. If one of those two is out for extended stretches we're still good, but not deep down low. A matchup with an Ohio State or San Diego State would be a very tough one in that regard (though our guards are way better and tournament games are won with guard play, but I digress).
  • Markieff had his first really bad game of the year, with his PT limited to only 12 minutes with the aforementioned foul trouble. He also turned it over 4 times in that short span. He did shoot 2-3 from the field and grab 4 boards, but needless to say he needs to play much better in conference.
  • Releford had a really nice game off the bench, scoring 13 in shooting 2-4 from two and 2-3 from three. He also grabbed a couple rebounds and, judging by the twitter reaction, threw down a great dunk.
  • Tyrel Reed had 5 steals. He also was 3-4 from three and it is safe to say that the worries about his early season shooting slump are long gone.
  • I should have thrown this at the top but condolences to Thomas Robinson and his entire family. Losing a grandparent is never fun to go through.
  • And one final non-basketball note if I may: a hearty congrats to my favorite baseball player of all time, Bert Blyleven, on finally being elected into the Hall of Fame. It's a special day for not just fans of him but people who like to employ the use of logic and reason when evaluating baseball. (plus, cmon, the guy loves to fart)

Hey Jayhawks. More gameflow charts that looks like this please?