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Kansas Runs UMKC Off the Court

The first few minutes of the game set the tone of this one.  Kansas hopped out to a 15-0 lead and continued to push the Roos all over the court the rest of the first half.  Kansas carried on through the game winning 99-52. 

The defensive pressure and intensity was as good as it has been all year.  Thanks to a little 3/4 court pressure ran by the Jayhawks, UMKC couldn't get any kind of offense going.  The pressure forced 11 turnovers in the first half and Kansas converted, shooting 59% from the field.  The only negative I can remember was Markieff Morris being called for 3 classic "Kieff" fouls.

The second half started out in the same manner.  Kansas forcing UMKC to throw junk at the basket just to get a shot and Kansas continuing to take advantage on the offensive end.  Kansas held a comfortable lead throughout the game but as it happens in these games, the play did get a little sloppy.  The sloppiness started with a technical foul called on Markieff Morris for something he said to an opponent.  Not a huge deal but another small thing that can add up to a reputation for a player. 

Overall, second game in a row where the Jayhawks came out and took care of business against an over-matched opponent.  Nothing to be upset about.  Nothing to worry about after tonight heading to Michigan. 

Leading scorers were Josh Selby with 16 and Tyshawn Taylor with 15.  Not a bad night when you score 99 and your leading scorer only has 16.

Highlight outside of the play was a nice little interview in the first half with new Athletic Director Sheahon Zenger.  He is definitely a smooth talker, describing this opportunity as both unbelievable and a dream come true.  He continued his talk of building not only the football program but also baseball and all other sports at Kansas.  Yeah, he is working hard to sell himself but the joy/excitement that flows when he talks seems very genuine.  After the interview, he addressed the crowd at halftime.  Calls Allen Fieldhouse the greatest basketball environment in the nation, he knows where he is.  Finishes by quoting Lou Gehrig, "Tonight, I am the luckiest man on Earth".