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A College Football Recruiting Timeline

I've recieved a handful of emails regarding this last month of recruiting and how the contact periods break out.  I thought I'd take a quick post to run through the timeline and from there see what other questions or discussion might be floating out there on the topic.

The thought is that Kansas has 4 scholarships left to give with 22 commitments already in tow.  I've seen the number as high at 6 but I do think we'll be coming in below that unless a current player has had a change of heart over the break. 

With that, here's the timeline for filling out the balance of the 2011 class.

January 3rd - January 8th: This is basically open season.  Since the beginning of this week coaches were able to get back out on the trail and get busy securing those last few commitments and of course as always, maintaining the ones you have when necessary.

January 9th: Quiet period.  Basically a player can visit and meet with coaches on campus, but that's it.

January 10th-13th: Dead period: The only players that can be contacted here are Brock Berglund, Julius Green, Darrian Miller and Dylan Admire.  Mid years who have already been admitted.  No further contact.

This time happens to line up directly with the College Coaches Convention in Dallas Texas from the 9th-12th. 

* If he hasn't already, Turner Gill will be doing a different type of recruiting at this one as he looks to replace D Wyatt.

January 14th-29th: Open

January 30th: Quiet Period

January 31st - Feb 3rd(Signing Day): Dead Period

That's where we're at.  Kansas is in a good spot with 22 commitments already in hand.  That's 24 days to contact, bring on campus and tie up any loose ends and the final few players in the 2011 class.  Kansas will also hold a junior day similar to what they have done in the past over this timeframe with the full list of visitors still to be determined.