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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 1.4.10

Obviously the story of the day is Sheahon Zenger.  Plenty on his presser and one other thing to keep an eye on today and that's SF recruit DeAndre Daniels.  The world seems to be expecting an announcement in the near future from him on his decision between Texas, Kentucky and Kansas. 

The good news is that most think that announcement will be Kansas

Kansas AD

Zenger brings Kansas culture |

Time will tell the story for Zenger but I will say that it's not a big secret that many of the longtime tried and true Kansans (I'm talking folks like my grandpa) didn't like Lew's style. With that said, he Zenger does seem much more "Kansas" and that could prove refreshing.

Zenger back home, in Kansas |

More on the Kansas connection and how Zenger plans to restore something we've all been asking for, transparency. That's the word, but he prefers to phrase it differently and he prefers to do it the way he thinks Kansans will want.

New KU Athletic Director Sheahon Zenger to be paid $450,000 per year for 4.5 years |

A rundown of the contract. Seems pretty reasonable to me. Definitely feels like Zenger is one of those guys that you're more likely to see at the Kansas State high school championships rather than in a seat beneath the Manning luxury box at the Super Bowl.

Sheahon Zenger to be different kind of leader as KU's new athletic director -

A look at the competitive side of Zenger. He talked being a 5'10" QB and having to earn everything athletically and welcoming any challenge. Again, right now it's easy to get wrapped up in the lovefest so I'll try to avoid that, but he does seem like a genuine individual that would prefer to earn respect and gratitude from Kansas fans by rolling up his sleeves and putting in the work one day at a time. Who doesn't like that.

Warm welcome: Self, Gill quick to praise new boss |

A few quotes from the coaches on the hire.

Basketball notes and more after the jump

Kansas Basketball

KU remains at No. 3 in both polls |

Not much going on in the polls, down to five Big 12 teams now that Baylor drops out completely for the moment. Mizzou is really putting together a nice season but it willbe interesting to see what happens now that the road gets a little tougher.

Bill Self uses holiday break to teach Morris twins a lesson |

This one from yesterday but it didn't get worked in with everything else that's going on. The twins did respond to the challenge in a big way against Miami of Ohio, but I'm going to ask to see it again and again and again as the competition stiffens.

Reed emerges as ‘face’ of KU hoops team |

Good story, small town Kansas kid goes through four years in the program and comes out the other side rewarded.