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Ohio State, Kansas And Texas On Top Of Latest Top 25

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After a dip a week ago following a loss to Texas, Kansas now jumps back into the number two spot after a one week absence.  Right behind them is the team that handed Kansas their only loss; the Texas Longhorns.

College basketball experienced one wild ride this weekend.  The Big East is an all out brawl, the Big 12 has a pair of top tier teams showing some consistency and the Big 10 has the lone undefeated remaining.  There was no shortage of upsets across the top 25 on Saturday and that led to the shakeup. 

For Kansas it was a conference road win and a convincing victory over the Kansas State Wildcats who continue to tailspin and barely remember what the top 25 looks like.  The ups and downs across the country are sure to continue.  But for the Jayhawks its back in a position where a top seed is very much in the picture and the goal come March.