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A (semi) Statistical Recap of Miami University Please

I couldn't help but slip a college hockey joke into the title of this post. The quick backstory is: when Miami made the 2009 Frozen Four in Washington DC the Miami media guides (and apparently everything else they issued to press) noted to not call the school Miami of Ohio or Miami (OH), but rather "Miami University please." Hence, the school name Miami University Please became a little running joke amongst college hockey media.

Back to the hardwood though: I actually didn't watch this game because I couldn't get it to stream on my computer (and I was watching the World Junior Hockey Championships) but based off what I read on twitter and the stats, it looks like Kansas had one of their strongest efforts of the season last night. Their offensive efficiency had slipped a bit as of late, but they were at roughly 1.25 PPP this past game, which is above their adjusted mark of 1.19. I guess if there is one complaint it would be that they "only" took 16 threes, but I suppose when the game is basically over 2 minutes into the second half shooting threes is just rubbing it in and unsportsmanlike. The game was "statistically over" with 12:10 left in the game, but it was really over far earlier. At halftime the score was Miami 21, Morri 29. At the end of the game it was Marcus, Markieff, Selby 56, Miami 56.

Truth be told, there's not much to learn from games like these. A very good team beat a not so good team. It happens a lot. But one thing I did learn is perhaps this team has a shot to rebound well afterall. Bill Self talked about limiting the percentage of its misses the other team rebounds (seriously, he talked about rebound percentage. I'm in love.), and boy did they last night: an over 85% defensive rebound rate (though Miami doesn't rebound well and isn't very tall).

  • A game after having his D1 rude awakening, Josh Selby had maybe his best game yet: 18 points in just 25 minutes with a phenomenal 75% eFG. He also had 7 rebounds and had 5 assists (though he did have 4 turnovers).
  • Markieff Morris is playing like an All-American. 20 points and holy crap did he do it efficiently. He was 7-8 from 2 and 2-3 from 3. He also grabbed 10 rebounds. All of this in 22 minutes played. If there is one nugget of wisdom onto the readers of RCT (and I only have a couple total, so I'm giving you like 33% of my wisdom), it is this: raw totals are good. 20 points and 10 rebounds looks great. But always always always look for efficiency.
  • Speaking of All-Americans, Marcus was 6-9 from 2 and 1-2 from 3 and had 5 boards. A good night, but certainly second billing next to Markieff.
  • Elijah got 16 minutes even amidst the whole arrest controversy. I hear he made an ill advised pass that got him in HCBS's doghouse, but statistically he played well, with 4 assists next to just 1 turnover.
  • T Rob only played 14 minutes, anyone know why? He was 3-4 and had 4 rebounds, so he played well, though he did turn it over 3 times, perhaps explaining his lack of PT.
  • Tyshawn had kind of a meh game. He shot 50% from the floor, and had 5 assists, but also had 4 turnovers.
  • Jeff Withey got a rare start and was 3-5 with 6 points and had 4 rebounds and a block in 17 minutes. Not a bad night, and maybe he can develop into a good depth big man for tournament time.