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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 1.3.10

Fitting that the "Holiday" break ends for most and we get a good chunk of things to talk about Kansas related all in the same day.  An AD hire, a coaching change and of course a nice showing by the basketball team. 

Kansas AD

KU names Sheahon Zenger new athletic director |

A new year and a new era in KU Sports. We finally get the opportunity to turn the page so to speak from the Lew Perkins era. Yes there are plenty of KSU ties with this one, but there are also Kansas ties both at the University level and on the State level. This is a great opportunity for a young athletic director to step in and make a longterm mark on a University. Now it's about restoring some of the lost goodwill and confidence, creating some transparency and moving forward. And you can't help but like the football background with this one.

Kansas Basketball

KU dazzles, whips Miami (Ohio) |

This one felt like many of those very early season games when the team looked like it had such a huge upside. Kansas needs to carry this over to tougher competition, but it was great to regain some of the form and confidence.

KU's Johnson arrested |

No issue. Figured this had to be the case considering he played quite a few minutes in Sunday's contest. I'm sure some will blow this completely out of proportion but it's clearly not a big deal.

Kansas Football

Turner Gill announces wide receivers coach Darrell Wyatt is heading for Texas |

Everyone knew this was coming for the last few days but now it's official. I suppose it's hard to fault a guy for heading home especially when it's to Texas over Kansas. That would be similar to a Kansas guy getting a job offer in basketball while he's coaching up in Nebraska or out in Colorado, it's a no brainer at the moment. Now the hope is that Turner Gill can change that, but it starts with finding a great replacement for Wyatt and maybe that involves correcting a past mistake.