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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 1.28.11

Kansas Basketball

BP's John Gasaway on KU, K-State and the Big 12 |
A perspective on the weekends game.

Jayhawks attend Robinson funeral |
Coverage of Robinson's mother's funeral

Jayhawks make it back from D.C. |
A little bit more from the funeral and the return of the team as well as Josh Selby's situation.

In-state rivalry not inferior - Kansas State Collegian - Sports
This whole thing seems like a stretch but I'll let you draw your own conclusions. If you don't want to read I'll sum it up and say that the author tries to connect that dots and claim the Kansas State's history is responsible for Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. I'm pretty sure those two would have been fine with or without anything related to the Wildcats.

College Basketball

One-and-done? Six-plus players who may bolt quick |
A look at the one and dones of this year.

Longhorns set bad precedent with TV deal |
Why is the Longhorns network bad?