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Kansas Recruits On Hand For Game Against Kansas State

Saturday Kansas, Lawrence and Allen Fieldhouse should be buzzing with excitement as the Jayhawks take on the Wildcats in the first of two guaranteed games between the two teams on the season.  With that in mind, what better time to have a few recruits on hand?

Yes Turner Gill will be hosting his final weekend with a few names coming out in the last week.  A long snapper from Georgia, a possible defensive tackle and maybe a late surprise or two, but the fact is that Jayhawk football is already moving on to the juniors and the 2012 class.  Turner Gill got the job done, plain and simple and at this point any rabbits he can pull out of the hat this late are gravy.

On the other side of things, Bill Self has a chance to show off EVERYTHING Kansas has to offer from a notoriety and atmosphere standpoint with this game and this venue taking center stage.Throw in a Wayne Simien Jersey retirement ceremony at halftime and things are setting up nicely.

Among the names reported are 2012 Wichita power forward Perry Ellis, 2012 center Kaleb Tarczewski and 2012 shooting guard Nino Jackson.  Joining the three recruits will be 2012 power forward Zach Peters who is already committed to Kansas and potentially his teammate 2013 power forward Julius Randle. 

Two other names from the 2013 class reportedly visiting are Raytown South small forward Ishmail Wright and Columbia Missouri point guard Travis Jorgensen. 

It's a busy weekend for Bill Self, probably a slower yet still important weekend for Turner Gill.  And the perfect stage for both to show off Kansas athletics.