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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 1.21.11

Kansas Basketball

Kansas-Texas hoops battle looms; what makes Longhorns different from last year? |
A look at Texas and what makes them a bigger match for Kansas this year as opposed to last year.

The Sideline Report with Justin Wesley | The Newell Post |
A little Q&A with Keith Langfords brother, otherwise known as Justin Wesley

When chasing history, beware the streak: Kansas is 18-0 again -
For the sixth time, Kansas has reached the 19th game of the season without a loss. The previous occasions stretch across the program's history. Some seasons, like 2008, ended joyously, others in crushing defeat, and that's the emotional range once a team reaches this point.

Kansas coach Bill Self: UT terrific |
Coach Self with high praise for Texas. Looks like after one year off we're back to the ol Texas Kansas rivalry.

Kansas Football

KU raiding border states for recruiting surge - Big 12 Blog - ESPN
Folks are starting to take notice of Kansas and Tuner Gill's recruiting success outside of the immediate fanbase. There's something to be optimistic about for sure. Don't plan on an instant turnaround but the pieces are there if he can continue to move in this direction and add the ever important "player development" piece to the mix.

Kansas AD

New Kansas AD has been on lifelong sprint to Lawrence -
Sheahon Zenger's dream job comes with serious tasks. He must rebuild the trust of KU donors and fans in the aftermath of a $2 million ticket scandal. Just last week, two more former KU employees pleaded guilty in federal court on charges of conspiracy to commit wire fraud. At Illinois State, Zenger played cheerleader. At KU, he also needs to be Mr. Clean.

Big 12

All about the Big 12: Basketball barometer - College Basketball -
Texas crushed Texas A&M and is now poised for its biggest test- No. 2 Kansas. - College Basketball news

College Basketball

Roy Williams: Don't call me anymore - College Basketball Nation Blog - ESPN
Ol' Roy is tired of his fans questioning the 2010 Tar Heels. The darn kids are playing their daggum buns off.