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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 1.19.11

Kansas Basketball

Recap: Jayhawks' offense better than the final score indicates | The Newell Post |
Jesse Newell Breaks down Kansas' better than good offensive performance from Monday night. It's almost even more impressive when you take a second look and after Newell frames it up, it's almost enough to make you worry that we've peaked too soon.

Forde Minutes: Designed devotion and undesigned results - ESPN
From the art of fan tattoos to the inexact science of figuring out who's the best and who's the worst, we've got it all covered in the return of Forde Minutes.

Tyrel Reed steadies Jayhawks |
Senior leadership. Remember this kid sitting on the bench in 07-08 and then providing a few minutes here and there? Just another great Kansas basketball story, one of the few four year stories in this day and age and a player that is carving himself a little niche in Jayhawk memories.

KU’s Bill Self ‘not too excited’ after win |
“This is not the same team I see in practice every day. We were better than what we’ve been practicing. Where we are right now is we are a team that has a chance to be really good. When we get more consistent guard play ... I think our ceiling is high.” - Bill Self

Big 12

Cornhuskers snap Colorado's win streak, win 79-67 in Nebraska - The Denver Post
The battle of the departing and the Corn finally put Colorado back in their place. This is probably a little bit of a good thing and takes some of the air out of the tires before we head to Boulder in a week. That game isn't any easier, but a fickle fanbase is probably quite a bit more fired up at 5-0 as opposed to 4-1 with a loss to Nebraska.

College Basketball

Bracketology - NCAA College Basketball Brackets and Predictions - ESPN
Let the speculation begin. Lunardi's latest bracketology has Kansas going through San Antonio in the "Southwest" region. K-State all the way down to an 8 and DROPPING. Intriguing second round matchup possibility with Roy's Boy's and I think every single Big East team is being included. Pretty obnoxious.

Yet Another Basketball Blog (YABB): Life is Good
Dan Hanner runs through some reasons why life is good for the college basketball fan. Never mentions Kansas but we already know life is pretty good right now.

College Football

How BCS Schools Use Cupcakes To Impact Rankings
Mark Cuban has his shiny new idea targeting the BCS. We know the BCS schools don't play anyone in their non-con schedule but this makes it look really bad.

And From Warden's ESPN The Ocho!

PHOTO: A Brawl At The Lawnmower Races
And this is why you never get into a lawnmower race.