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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 1.18.11

Great win last night for Kansas.  Finally won a game with ease and at times looked pretty well unbeatable.  How bout them twins? More links as they become available.

Kansas Basketball

Twin-spired: Morrises lead ‘beautiful’ showing |
Great game, big win, just fun to watch and a lot of things going right including the Morri. Looks like KUSports still hasn't found the proper plural spelling of the term.

Jayhawks put on quite a show |
Keegan's take on last nights spectacle and the level of talent that shared the floor from both sides last night.

KU routs Baylor |
Worst 17-0 team in the country. Plays to the level of its competition. Knuckleheads. In a prime-time showcase in front of a national television audience, No. 2 Kansas not only improved to 18-0, it spent the first half of an 85-65 win humiliating Baylor -Tully

Top 25

NCAA College Basketball Polls, College Basketball Rankings, NCAA Basketball Polls - ESPN

Kansas with a few first place votes. Texas and A&M now sit at 10&11 depending on the poll. Missouri just below that and K-State drops out altogether in the AP, stays at 24 the "ESPN" poll which coincidentally aired Mizzou v Kansas State yesterday. They'll certainly drop out now and Colorado w/votes and if they go 2-0 this week, they deserve the nod in the top 25 headed into next weeks game against Kansas in Boulder.