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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 1.14.10


Big 12 Recruiting: Is DeAndre Daniels Kansas Bound? - Big 12 Hoops

Nothing most probably hadn't already heard but a rundown of the Daniels situation and all signs continue to point to Kansas, just need something to become official.

Big 12

NIT-picking |

Yeah we gave him hell for saying it yesterday, but honestly I think I agree with Austin Meek. The game is played on the court, what Pullen says isn't really relevant other than it might provide some bulletin board material. I don't want a sports world of Bill Belichick's, I want a sports world of Rex Ryan's so perhaps rather than criticize, I should embrace Pullen's NIT dis.

The top 10 freshmen hoops players in the Big 12 at mid-season | Conference chatter |
Once again a pretty good crop of Big 12 freshman.

Texas A&M notebook: Something to be said for stability | Aggies | - Houston Chronicle
A little discussion on A&M and how seniors and stability might be the reason for their success this season.

College Basketball

the blog- Head to Head Fallacy

I'm guessing quite a few have read this. Just in case, it's an interesting look at teams who play a home and home during conference play.