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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 1.11.11

Kansas Basketball

Bill Self pushes Kansas to develop killer instinct - Seth Davis -

For a guy whose team is undefeated and ranked third in the country, Bill Self sure is in a foul mood these days.

Recap: Jayhawks can take positives from close win | The Newell Post |

I'll buy it. I definitely think we've all agreed here that there's something to be learned from a close win and maybe even a loss. But I think we've all also agreed that we'd rather just avoid a loss altogether and go with the whole win thing. That said, I hope Jesse's right and I hope this team did in fact learn something and we're not all just rationalizing a tight ballgame that shouldn't have been.

Morris brothers step up |

A few odds and ends carried over from Tully that we didn't link to yesterday. I'm sure most of you have read but in case you haven't, here you go.

Big 12

BYU gives Mountain West two teams in top 10 of coaches' poll - ESPN

There are SEVEN teams from the Big 12 receiving votes in both polls right now. That's a big number and Colorado could probably make a strong argument for consideration as well. Pretty balanced league with a lot of good teams in it this year. Not a bad year to lock in some Big 12 Tourney tix for a fun weekend in KC.

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College Football

Dyer, Tigers reaffirm SEC’s stranglehold - College Football -

SEC wins 5th consecutive BCS title. The SEC has 9 schools listed in Rivals Top 25 classes for next year. Is the national championship game going to be SEC Champ vs Other for the foreseeable future?

College Basketball

Basketball Prospectus | The Nation's Top 25 Freshmen

No listing for Josh Selby because he hasn't played enough games. Doesn't add up to me, the list is described as "what we've seen so far on the court". Do we really need 15 games to know that Josh Selby is one of the top 5 freshman in the nation?