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Opposing Viewpoints: Georgia Tech with Winfield Featherston

Today we actually have two opposing viewpoints.  The first comes to us from fellow SB Nation blog "From The Rumble Seat". 

Winfield Featherston was kind enough to join us from east of the Mississippi and give us a little perspective on the Georgia Tech v Kansas matchup from the Tech vantage point.  I also returned the favor and if you're interested in reading what I had to say, here's my Q&A over yonder.

Pretty good stuff and yes Winfield Featherston is the most prestigious southern name that we've ever interviewed here at RCT.  I feel like I've met a famous Senator from the South. 

Winfield will be in attendance on Saturday as will a large group of Tech followers so if you're at the game I suggest you ask anyone wearing a Tech shirt or other apparrel if they could "kindly point me in the direction where I might find a man by the name Winfield Featherston."   Seriously...I'm not mocking him, this name is awesome. 

Enough with the nonsense, let's talk Tech.

In game one the Yellow Jackets only attempted 8 passes.  Josh Nesbitt a career low 6.  Do you see this as a result of the competition and not needing to throw or do you think the Yellow Jackets aren't confident in that aspect of their offense?

The lack of attempts was definitely a function of the competition.  Tech fans view the Naval Academy's passing efficiency as the benchmark of where our offense aspires to be.  A perfectly executed option offense can succeed swimmingly with minimal throwing (see our effort VT last season).  

There are some Negative Nancy Tech fans concerned with our lack of a big time passing game but they are mostly in the minority.  Even then, Paul Johnson has said that he is confident in Nesbitt's throwing ability and we will continue to pass as needed.  Since 2008, a vote of confidence from Paul Johnson is considered solid gold in Atlanta.

Defensively GTech is moving to a new defensive scheme and a 3-4 look.  What were the strengths and weaknesses from that standpoint in game one?

The biggest things we picked up on from last Saturday was the softness of our defensive line.  Our nose tackle play is not where it needs to be and we gave up just over 7 yards per carry to SC State's feature back.  Our pass rush is much improved over 2009's.  Even though we played a I-AA squad, there was a marked improvement in the pressure brought on the QB when dropped back to pass.

The Tech triple option attack is getting more and more attention across the country for succeeding in an era of pass heavy spreads, what has proven effective in stopping or at least slowing the Tech ground attack?

A strong and disciplined defensive line and NFL talent linebackers. Against Iowa in the Orange Bowl, the rhythm of the Tech offense was consistently thrown off by a strong penetrating defensive line and sound linebacker play. The opponent needs to be able disrupt our offensive and maintain sound gap play.  Iowa wrote the textbook on stopping us but they also had a top 5 rush defense and three 2010 Draft Picks on their Orange Bowl defense. If there was a mythical blueprint about how to stop the TO, it would be by the Iowa Hawkeyes.

Are Tech fans aware of the Kansas disastrous start in week one?  And have expectations now changed as to how the game will go in Lawrence because of it?

Oh, we know what happened.  It was definitely a lesson in humility.  We almost suffered the same fate in 2008 to Gardner-Webb but fortunately blocked a game-tying field goal as time expired. Tech fans were fairly confident coming into Lawrence after a coaching change and especially after we reviewed the depleted offensive depth charts.  We expected at least a decent fight from the Jayhawks before the first loss.. Now, we're not quite sure if there will be any fans in the stands to witness the beatdown that is sure to ensue.

How do you see this game playing out?
Georgia Tech wins big.  Tech has only lost to a I-AA opponent once ever.  That was against a Furman squad coming off a 10 win season.  Kansas lost to a ND State squad coming off a 3 win season.  There is no reason Tech shouldn't win by 20 points at least.