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Rock Chalk Talk T-Shirts




Alright, obviously this isn't the best timing but what the heck.  A couple months back we ran a T-shirt contest here at Rock Chalk Talk and voted on a few designs which I then worked to have put together. 

One major problem.  The cost was a bit excessive for a T in my opinion and quite frankly the designs left a bit to be desired.  I didn't promote the store heavily but had it on the sidebar for the last month while I tried to figure out the best solution.

Today, we've got a solution. I've found a new vendor that I'm much happier with. I can control the costs substantially and I think the designs have turned out much better.  Furthermore adding new designs in the future should prove EXTREMELY easy.

Check it out, scroll down on the left side of the homepage or on the right side of any story/fanpost/fanshot page and you'll find the RCT store.  Click on one of the designs and it will take you to a detailed product screen. From there you can click on shop and see all available designs.  I've gotten the cost down to between $15-$19 which I think is a substantial improvement.

Going forward what I'd like to do is invite any and all to submit ideas to me at  If we decide to give yours a go, you get a FREEBIE! 

Now I know I owe Freudhawk and Mikedrawjayhawk T's so please email me for details.  And as for the rest, hopefully this is an improvement and by all means let your photoshop and slogan skills run wild. 

One other benefit of the lower price point...more RCT contests and freebies from yours truly!