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Kansas vs. Georgia Tech Matchup Breakdown

Why Kansas?




 Why Tech? 

Game one for the Kansas offense left a sour taste in the mouths of many. A perceived strength in the offensive line struggled to create running room for the ground game and failed to provide consistent time for any quarterback to work. Kansas has to improve the ground game to have a chance at Tech. It looked to be one point of weakness for them in game one.


Kansas Offense


Tech Defense


Tech has a few weaknesses, but Kansas has far more and after scoring only 3 against FCS North Dakota State, Tech should win this matchup overall

Tech is in the middle of introducing a new 3-4 scheme to their defense and in week one it was moderately successful.  The biggest weakness resided on the front three and may provide a small glimmer of hope for Kansas. Unfortunately an improved pass rush and a strong pass defense don't bode well for Kansas.

The Kansas defense played well in week one.  They gave up field position a couple of times but in general they limited the Bison attack to very little production. They'll need to find a stronger push on the interior against Tech and keep the Tech o-line from reaching the second level in order to stop the triple option, but they have as good a shot as any Kansas unit at competing.


This represents the small optimistic hope that the Kansas defense is the real deal and contains the Tech attack

Kansas Defense


Tech Offense


Tech with the edge because the offense is proven over several years.  Plus Josh Nesbitt is as good an option quarterback as there is in the game

Georgia Tech threw just 8 passes in game one. Much of that was due to the competition and the fact that they don't need to pass.  The triple option attack is proven, has playmakers and will be a HUGE test for a Kansas defense that showed the most promise of any unit in week one.

Kansas had some areas on special teams that looked very good. Unfortunately poor punt coverage, a blocked punt and two missed field goals mean that there were still far too many mistakes made.  The bright spot? The fact that this staff is going to field and return the kicks, something we haven't done for two seasons.



Special Teams



Good coaching, good discipline, good fundamentals likely equals good special teams. No major week mistakes early for Tech, Kansas had them, edge Tech.

Good kicking game, solid in limited action at the return game and they made all their extra points. Small sample, but in general Tech is a well coached team.

Week one looked disorganized, confused and out of sync. Yes some of that rests with the players, but many of the miscues from week one rest with the coaching staff. The "prove it" mantra got a big boost from the performance or lack thereof in week one.




Paul Johnson did it with Navy and now he's doing it with Tech.  He has the kind of buy in from the fans, his players and staff that you want as a coach. Solid head man.

Paul Johnson has earned the respect by bringing back and winning with the triple option at a BCS level.  Add Al Groh to the mix at D-Coordinator running the 3-4 and Tech has the right people running the show.


Take your most optimistic moment as a Kansas fan and flip that around 180 degrees.  That's about how most feel headed into Georgia Tech.  All summer fans including myself tried to rationalize how we could win this game at home and head down to Hattiesburg with some momentum.

After NDSU, we just need a sign of life.  I still contend that this team isn't as bad as it looked on Saturday.  There is certainly more talent here than during the waning moments of the Terry Allen era.  The problems could be a result of youth, coaching, whatever...the fact is it doesn't really matter it needs to be fixed.