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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 9.8.10

Lew Perkins dominating the coverage due to his sudden and "shocking" early exit.  I think many could see this coming and it's likely the best thing for Kansas.

In other news, I'm hearing Jordan Webb for quarterback on Saturday against Georgia Tech.  It will be interesting to see how this affects the offensive gameplan and adds further interest to this game for a variety of reasons.

Kansas AD News

Ku-2Perkins’ reign over: New athletic director must be subject to checks and balances |
And Keegan has his day.

Ku-2The search for KU's new athletic director | Campus Corner
The KC Star takes a stab at it.

Ku-2Column: KU must find practical AD |
Capital Journal on what type of AD Kansas needs to go after.

Ku-2Perkins' tenure as Kansas Athletic Director comes to a sudden conclusion — months ahead of schedule |
KUSports coverage of the AD retirement party.

Ku-2Chancellor will use national search to find new athletic director |
I don't know why, but this search scares the hell out of me.

Ku-2Lester 'shocked' by Perkins' resignation |
Shocked? Really? How come no one else was?

Ku-2Self: KU in much better place than 8 years ago |
Bill Self obviously a Perkins fan.

Kansas Football

Ku-2Quigley down on KU's offense |
Not good when your starting running back calls out the team for lack of energy. Let's hope he can light a fire under some of these guys.

Ku-2KU Football: The Honeymoon’s over |
The Kansan weighs in on the Saturday loss. Fitting title?

Ku-2Jayhawks handle the boos |
I'm a little disappointed by this. I heard some pretty bad stories about the way a certain player were treated walking  to the locker room. I hope Jayhawk fans will try to keep things in perspective going forward.

Ku-2Kansas offensive line struggling |
Yes they are...yes they are.