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RCT Jersey Contest Winner!!


Over the past week as many of you know we've been running our first RCT Jersey/Gameday Polo Contest here at Rock Chalk Talk.

Overall the contest was an incredible success with over 60 entrants ranging from old faces to very new ones and it was fun seeing all the prognostications.  Unfortunately all of them were wrong in the score department, but we did have a few that nailed at least one of the two statistical leaders.

K.U.  John Wilson Steven Johnson 38-10
Labba DPatterson Drew Dudley 27-14
Freudhawk DPatterson Drew Dudley 42-10
Esteban DPatterson Justin Springer 45-16
HipHop DPatterson Drew Dudley 41-17
Play4ships DPatterson Justin Springer 38-17
Dagger108 DPatterson Justin Springer 41-10

With these seven picking one of the two players correctly the winner came down to the tiebreaker which was the score.  Unfortunately overconfidence got the best of most of us, but Labbadabba with a combined score of 41 was the closest to the actual 9 and thus WINS THE JERSEY!!! or polo...or whatever else you might want. 

Congrats to Labba!  Thank you all for participating and stay tuned for the OCTOBER JERSEY CONTEST just a few short weeks away.