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Jayhawks In The NFL

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An abbreviated version this week as the final week of the preseason represents some of the least exciting football in existence. 

The good news is that this week is the kickoff to the NFL season, and the beginning of wall to wall football action all weekend long.  Great college football on Saturday with the NFL providing an excellent compliment on Sunday.  Even better when there are a few Jayhawks involved. 

Game of the week...San Diego at KC for MNF where Darrell Stuckey figures to play a role.  Should be fun.

San Diego Chargers

James Holt recorded three tackles in the preseason finale for the Chargers and has officially earned himself a roster spot for the opener.  You can catch him in Kansas City on special teams and also playing the role of backup linebacker for the Chargers.

Darrell Stuckey got back on track with seven tackles in the finale after an injury derailed much of the preseason for the former Jayhawk.  Stuckey spent much of the preseason listed as the starter but has dropped to the backup strong safety spot headed into Monday night's opener.

Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals cut Dezmon Briscoe despite catching a 50 yard touchdown in the preseason finale. 

Anthony Collins missed some time during the preseason due to injury but still made the 53 man roster for the Bengals

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Aqib Talib missed the final preseason game due to suspension but should start for the Buccaneers in 2010. 

Dezmon Briscoe was signed by the Bucs after being cut by the Bengals.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Both Justin Hartwig and Justin Thornton were cut by the Steelers.

San Francisco 49ers

Norris made the 49ers and will begin his 10th year in the pro's as the 49ers fullback.

Tennessee Titans

Mike Rivera was released by the Titans.  A bit of a blow as it felt like he had found a home in Nashville.

Houston Texans

Derek Fine was cut by the Houston Texans after playing sparingly in four preseason games.


Honestly not a good week for Jayhawks in the NFL.  Kansas is down to just 6 active players on opening day rosters.  The Chargers represent the team with the most production from former Jayhawks followed by the Buccaneers. 

Hopefully a few of the other players can catch on somewhere down the line and make a squad.  Otherwise this feature loses a little it of it's luster.