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Kansas vs. North Dakota State Drive Chart and Summary


Ready to see something ugly?  Hit play and watch this.  One thing I immediately noticed is that we consistently gave up field position to the Bison throughout. 

From our first to third drives we gave up 8 yards of field position but we were able to overcome that and get our lone field goal of the evening. 

Over the course of the next four drives following our kickoff, NDSU goes from starting the first drive on their own 30 to getting the ball on the Jayhawk 12 after the blocked punt.  Barfield salvaged things with an interception but that's dramatic swing in field position due to poor special teams.

Kansas finally seems to get something together but there isn't enough time on the board after NDSU tied it up at three.

Second half same as the first.  Not taking care of the football takes the Bison from a harmless three and out that starts at their own 30 to a 1st and 10 at the Jayhawk 45 due to a fumble.  The game winning kick ultimately being the result.

From their DJ Beshears gives Kansas a start from the Bison 45, Pick throws an interception into a herd of four Bison players and the Jayhawks back peddle from their.  Starting field position at their own 20, again the 20, the 18 and finally the 20.  Plenty of room for improvement on Saturday and quite frankly the defense saved this from being far more embarrassing that it was.