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North Dakota State Bison Upset (?) The Kansas Jayhawks, 6-3

The Turner Gill era in Lawrence, KS got off to a rocky start on Saturday night. As a BCS conference football program, when scheduling a Football Championship Subdivision opponent, (granted, Gill didn't make the schedule himself) you expect to win. That was the thinking going into Saturday.

There will be much said in this space in the coming 24-48 hours, so I'll do all a favor and keep my thoughts short, and give you all free reign in the comments section to tell me where it went wrong.


  • D.J. Beshears and Daymond Patterson showed signs of being legitimate weapons on offense and special teams.
  • Kale Pick didn't look completely out of his element as a college starting quarterback.
  • The defense only allowed six points.

Lowlights (please fill in any I left out):

  • Tim Biere dropped passes often and fumbled.
  • The offensive line had Pick and Jordan Webb running for their lives frequently.
  • The offensive line opened up few holes for running backs Angus Quigley and DeShaun Sands.
  • Penalties and silly mistakes cost the team yardage too many times.

I know there's more, but if I cover everything, what will we comment on? Vent away, Jayhawk Nation. Hopefully Owen has something substantial in the morning.