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Big 12 Community Picks

Week one of the RCT Community picks are finalized and we ended up getting 31 votes total.  Not too bad for week 1 and hopefully as the season goes along those numbers will pick up each week.  I'm going to keep the results here short and sweet, especially this week because there is a pretty clear favorite in all but two games.  Throughout the season  I will keep track of the community's record so we can brag about our expertise at the end of the season.  

The games will be broken down into three categories.  Category one will be the locks and I'll put any team that gets 85% of more of the vote into this group.  Category two will be the "pretty confident" group and this category will be games that have any from 60% to 84% of the vote for one team.  The third category will be the "toss up" group, these games will have the votes split from 40% to 59% for one team.  Time for the results after the jump!


  • Kansas over North Dakota State:  The Jayhawks ran away with the vote and pitched a shutout.  Impressive work for the Jayhawks.  
  • Iowa State over Northern Illinois: 97% for Iowa State, good call on this one.
  • Missouri over Illinois: 87% for the Tigers in this one today.  Higher than I expected considering it requires us to vote for Missouri but it's the correct pick.  Way to swallow your pride men.
  • Texas over Rice: 100% for Texas.  Yawn.
  • Nebraska over Western Kentucky: 100% for the Corn.
  • Oklahoma over Utah State: 97% for OU, who voted for Utah State?  
  • Texas A&M over SF Austin: Another shutout, 100% for the Aggies.  I know this week will be a cakewalk but I'm not on the A&M bandwagon yet.
  • Texas Tech over SMU: 90% for Texas Tech.  Really looking forward to this game just to see how Tuberville handles the Tech offense.

Pretty Confident

    • Oklahoma State over Washington State:  84% for the Cowboys, missed this in the original posting.

Toss Up


  • Kansas State over UCLA: 58% for the Wildcats on this one.  K-State needs to win this game if they want to avoid a disappointing season and UCLA's injury situation helps them a lot.  
  • Colorado State over Colorado: 52% like the Rams.  The only Big 12 team picked to take a loss this week.  If we're correct, that contract extension that Hawkins wanted might be a little tougher to get.