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College Football Opening Saturday OGT

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The Jayhawks don't kickoff until six, but we've got a full day of football ahead of us.  If you aren't headed to the game to tailgate or you live out of town and want some company while kicking back on the couch...jump in.  Register here if you aren't a's free and we don't bite.

If you are headed to Lawrence for some tailgating action, see you there. 

Here's a few of the games of note today.

Illinois vs. Missouri 12:30EST FSN

Colorado vs. Colorado State 2EST The MTN

Purdue at Notre Dame 3:30EST NBC

UConn at Michigan 3:30EST ABC

TCU at Oregon State 7:45EST ESPN

and a resource for the rest:

Week 1 College Football Buffet: -
A rundown of the games and where you can find them.