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Kansas Keys To The Game Vs. North Dakota State

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Set A Tone

Yes the first game is going to have mistakes, kinks to work out and things to improve on, but that doesn't mean a team can't set a tone for the season.  That in itself might be one of the more challenging things about playing an FCS opponent. 

Last year it's been mentioned that Kansas vs. Northern Colorado was far more indicative of the way the team would play the season than the game being early season mistakes.  It wasn't that Kansas played a horrible game, but they were sloppy in their execution at times and something just didn't seem right. It's one thing to drop a pass or miss an assignment while going 100 mph, it's quite another to do it in a nonchalant manner.

Coach Gill preaches effort, the team has expressed that they are enthused and ready to give that effort and this staff feels like they are going to get it.  Set the tone for the rest of the season Saturday.  Not every play has to be perfect, not every assignment flawless, but Kansas can play hard with enthusiasm and they can play as hard against NDSU as they would if it were Mizzou.  That's a key in this game and a key in the season going forward.