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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 9.29.10

Quiet day in the news....that's Wednesday for you.  We've got the Presser Breakdown coming up shortly, Matchup Breakdown and the Roundtable all on tap for today.  Also, a really solid Opponent Preview from the Waco Trib tomorrow, some very good insight.

Kansas Football

Ku-2Opurum on verge of more time |
Saw a lot more Toben against NMSU and it's good to hear the transition continues to go well. Zlatnik also mentioned, more on him during the presser breakdown at 9.

Ku-2New second-string QB is ready |
Maybe this kid would shock me, but I'd rather not find out.


Big East Conference Pursuing TCU For Membership -
Hmm...that's a bit of a geographic jump.

Notre Shmotre

Air Force, Notre Dame close in on deal for football matchup - The Denver Post
Is it me or is Notre Dame gradually drifting toward just being another service academy?