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RCT Football League Power Rankings Week 3

Week three is in the books and quite a bit of shuffling in the league.

Only one team remains undefeated and then there is a logjam in the 2-1, 1-2 with just a few winless teams remaining.  It's a long season and plenty of time to rally, but you might want to turn it on soon there Bensa.  Seems to me like you are focusing a little too much on this hobby you call law school.

Power Rankings

1.  Bourbon and Water - The lone remaining undefeated team in the league. Bourbon and Water once again enjoy the luxury of having Peyton Manning as their quarterback. But it isn't all easy, there was certainly some solid game management going on behind the scenes with a key decision to start Benjarvus Green Ellis contributing to the win.

2. Denver's Fighting Gillgino's - Another week, another divisional win and the Gillgino's are in the drivers seat for a playoff birth.  Back to back victories over divisional foes, the continued solid play of Kyle Orton and the Gillgino's still boast the leagues best point total.  

3.  Supercharged Stuckey's - Last week we talked about quarterback inconsistencies and the critical call that the Stuckey's will have to make each week as to who will start.  This week they made the right call playing Matt Cassel, the Stuckey's are riding that momentum and feeling good about the future. 

4.  Trending Meme - After riding high behind the Bears Jay Cutler and Matt Forte for two weeks has reality finally caught up?  As of today the Meme sit on the outside looking in after a divisional loss in week 3, but they still have a solid team and we'll give them one more shot before dropping the floor out from under them in the power rankings.

5. The Despicables - The Despicables are on a two game win streak and the reliable fantasy players that were expected to step up for this team are starting to do so.  Big week from Adrian Peterson and a playoff spot as it stands today.

6. The Fighting 5.7's - The 5.7's rebound from a week 2 loss to a divisional foe.  2-1 record, solid point totals week in and week out, and a good looking team. 

7.  Antonio Cromartie is My Dad Too - Clutch win against in an early season divisional battle.  It's never good to doubt KC in fantasy sports and he continues to prove that.  They may not have been overly impressive every week, but they are getting it done to the tune of a playoff spot as of today.

8.  Dolphin Safe Whalers - Look out.  The Whalers are making the most impressive early season turnaround.  Things could get really good in a hurry if Drew Brees continues to impress.

9.  I Want Kande - A tough loss to a good team.  After a 2-0 start, Brett Favre is beginning to look like a potential weak link for this team.

10.   Kansas Farm Boys -The Farm Boys fell apart in week three.  All the good will built up in the first two games took a big time step back after scoring just 55 points in week 3.

11. Perpetual Dolemite- The last of the teams with a winning record.  But hey, hats off to the management for continuing to find a way despite having the toughest situation at the quarterback position. 

12.  Hodja Camels - Best of the teams with a losing record.  The Camels are up and down with good young talent, but as is often the case consistency can become the issue.

13. NY Chiefs - The Chiefs got a bad performance out of Tom Brady and the rest of the group was once again Mediocre.  The biggest let down so far?  Without a doubt the Cowboys D.  Tough start for Jerry's kids and it might not get any better.

14.  RockemChalkem Robots - Great week for the robot for the Robots.  Solid performances top to bottom and a bit of life injected into a team that had a rocky start.  Plenty of time left to make a run and this might be a team worth keeping and eye on.

15.  The Beltway Mudslingers - Despite dropping to 3-0 the Mudslingers actually showed quite a bit of life in week 3.  A tough start but they are in the toughest division hands down.  A team showing promise, but they don't want to drop back to many more before making a move.

16. You got Angused - Minus Aaron Rogers, this team is giving the ownership zero support. Clinton Portis and Shon Greene have turned into complete busts at running back and over half the team scored in the negative for week three.  Still 1-2, which is better than three teams though.

17.  Tosche Station Power Converters - Bensa hates me and my 18 team league.  That is all.

18.  Miz-Who? - A decent week, but just can't catch a break and get that first win.  Until that happens...the MIZ will stay in the cellar.


Weekly Awards

Game of the Week - Trending Meme vs. The Dolphin Safe Whalers - Strike an early win in the war for the division in this one.  The Whalers steal a big one from previous unbeaten and league power ranking champ the Meme.

The Mangino Award(Coach that's ripping his player a new a-hole) - You Got Angused - Seriously, over half the players scored in the negative category for total points.  That's tough.

The Best Coaching Performance(Previously known as the Mangino Award) - Dolphin Safe Whalers, Beltway Mudslingers - Sometimes it takes the jimmy's and joe's to go along with the x's and o's...just ask the mudslingers who played about as well as they could have hoped and still lost.

The Stinkel(worst coaching performance)  - Trending Meme - In danger of a big drop in the power rankings if this continues.

The Reesing(most impressive offensive performance of the week)- The Fighting Gillgino's  - Two weeks in a row, watch out for the Buzzsaw and Kyle Orton.

The Big 10 Award (worst offensive output of the week) -  Kansas Farm Boys - Forget you had a game this week?