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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 9.26.10

One night in Lawrence and I'm off to Florida.  It was a fun game to watch but probably one of the more miserable weather games to be at.  It's a good thing Kansas turned in a decent performance or else the stadium could have emptied out even faster.

That said, the team did play fairly well.   It's still a work in progress, but at least there is progress to report.  I think this was how Gill envisioned NDSU going.  Plenty of opportunity to try different things personnel wise, play call wise and still manage a comfortable win.

Ku-2KU grade card |
Grade distribution

Ku-2Beshears, Sims have big games in KU’s 42-16 win over New Mexico State -
KCStar Recap

Ku-2KU blows out NMSU |
Tully Corcoran Recap

Ku-2Beshears does it all for KU |
Impressive game for Beshears. Anybody remember watching this guy struggle at CB last year? Yeah...I forgot too.

Ku-2Rock ’em, sock ’em: Ags KO’d by KU’s 1-2 punch |
KUSports recap

Ku-2Kansas’ Sims special |
Yep...he sure is.

A big thanks to those that helped the gameday experience, KUGrad, Knayte and as always my dad.  Weather aside, it was a good day