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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 9.24.10

24 hours and I'm on a plane to KC. A quick rental car pickup and a jaunt down I-70 and I'll be in Lawrence. Probably catch up with Fetch, Knayte, KUGrad and anyone else who's got a good tailgate.  Spend some time with my fam and then catch the game before heading out on Sunday.  Should be fun, I'm counting on a Jayhawk win and hopefully it's a little bit more of a blowout than Grad's 28-17 prediction. I'm not counting on it, just hoping.

Oh...and why is this cell phone story such a big to do all the sudden? Gill has had that policy since the first game and now everyone wants to jump on it?

Kansas Football

Ku-2Things could be worse at KU |
LAWRENCE -- Turner Gill is happy to be the football coach at Kansas, and part of the reason why is one of the alternatives is being the coach at New Mexico State.

Ku-2Oread Boom Kings | What Kind of Team Are We? Don’t Ask Turner Gill
HipHop raises some questions in an article at OBK earlier this week.

Ku-2Different hair, similar running game spark |
The Mini Tuxedo and the Flat Top.

KU Basketball

Ku-2Rivers Says He Enjoys ‘Best Relationship’ With Duke |
More on top prospect Austin Rivers and his college plans.

Big 12

Mizzou's Gabbert hasn't lived up to expectations |
Overrated, Underrated in the BIg 12

College Football General

Alabama Crimson Tide Football Has Some Unhappy Castaways -
Is this really a surprise? even a little?