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A Look At Jayhawk Fan Confidence

So far there is no denying that the football team has taken Kansas fans on a bit of a wild ride.  No where is that reflected more than in the weekly confidence polls that are being run in the sidebar courtesy SB Nation Kansas City.  Here's a recap from weeks one through three of how the Jayhawks are feeling about their squad.

Jayhawks Fan Confidence Poll Results

Post Southern Miss.


Post Georgia Tech


Post North Dakota State/Lew Perkins Sudden Resignation

(I actually don't have the fancy screen shot from this one but it was a lowly...wait for it...36!!!


Now there are two things of note here.  First, it would appear that Kansas fans perhaps believe that the performance against North Dakota State is a more accurate reflection of reality seeing as the current poll is much more closely in line with the results from week one as opposed to the high of week two.

The second thing, and I view this as a positive, Kansas fans don't seem to be in any way factoring in basketball when talking about confidence at the moment.  That to me says that we've got more fans bought in to football!  At least that's my biased, wishful thinking analysis of the results.