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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 9.22.10

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The Gridiron - Week 3 from Kansas Jayhawks on Vimeo.

Midweek and what I consider a good day around here.  Some good things from yesterday's Coach Gill presser,  RockChalk bring the New Mexico State preview our way and Matt Tait from joins us for the RockChalkTalk roundtable this week. 

Kansas Football

Ku-2Gill says KU needs to be more cohesive in play-calling | Campus Corner
The theme across the board seems to be the play-calling issues.

Ku-2KU offense waiting to mature |
A look at the Kansas offense.

Ku-2KU’s Gill praises his staff...a lot |
I've noticed this too and I make mention of it during our "Breaking Down Turner" segment coming up this morning.

Ku-2KU coaches keeping it simple for QB Jordan Webb |
I figured this had a lot to do with the sometimes predictable offense. They just need to master the art of predictable yet effective. Love him or hate him Mike Shanahan did that out here in Denver.

Ku-2KU's D-line off to slow start |
LAWRENCE -- Kansas has three sacks this season, but none of them have come from the defensive line, which bothers KU's 2009 sack leader, Jake Laptad.

Ku-2On The Mark: Week 2 - ESPN
Turner Gill shows up in the Short Honeymoon section. Is your personal honeymoon with Coach Gill over?

Big 12 Realignment

Colorado Buffaloes to join Pac-10 Conference next year - The Denver Post
Denverpost Story on the CU deal.