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RCT Football League Power Rankings Week 2

Your official week 2 power rankings for the RCT Football League.

It's still early so there is plenty to be decided, but a few teams did display their dominance over an inferior opponent and those weaker teams should be noted. 

For a good example kindly direct your attention to the Gillgino's vs. the 5.7's.  The Gillgino's ran up the score higher than Tom Osborne in Lawrence on a fall Saturday.  I Enjoyed that KUGrad and get ready, because I'm piling it on.

Power Rankings

1. Trending Meme - For the second week in a row Warden rides the back of the offensive juggernaut the Chicago Bears.  Throw in a timely performance from Darren McFadden against the Rams and you've got a second win in a row and the top spot in the power rankings once more.

2. Denver's Fighting Gillgino's - Boom!! Top point total of the week and the leading point production in the league through two weeks.  The Gillgino's humiliated the fighting 5.7's by nearly 100 points. Kyle Orton might go down as the single greatest draft pick in league history and Jahvid Best paying huge dividends as a rookie also.

3.  Bourbon and Water -Peyton Manning pimp slaps his brother on "Football Night In America" and the result is a big win for Bourbon and Water.  A solid offensive team with plenty of playmakers.  They'll be a threat all year.

4.   Kansas Farm Boys - The Farm Boys looked good once again and momentarily sit on the outside looking in for the playoffs because of Bourbon.  Right now consistency could be the biggest issue as the team had some mighty large swings in point production.  Fortunately some were for the better.

5.  I Want Kande- 2-0 to start but this team looks fragile. Brett Farve at quarterback has to be of some concern considering the Vikings start.  If things get much worse he might fly back down to Mississippi and reignite his passion for the high school game while leaving the Vikings to Sage Rosenfels.  2-0, with some talent...but it's a little suspect.

6. The Despicables - Good production from the quarterback and running back positions and the potential to be even better if Matt Hasselbeck can limit his mistakes.  To be a real threat this team needs more consistency out of some key role players at receiver one being Marques Colston and the other Mike Wallace.  Until Roethlisberger returns, I wouldn't expect Wallace's number to improve.

7.  Hodja Camels - Big jump for the camels this week as Alex Smith takes over at QB.  Solid games from the rest of the roster and a good win after a tough week one loss.  The Camels put up solid numbers top to bottom and that type of balance is a good sign for any fantasy owner.

8.  Supercharged Stuckey's - After an impressive week one win, the Stuckey's took a step back in week 2. Quarterback play will make or break this team that boasts Matt Cassel, Chad Henne and Derek Anderson.  Not too many points in that mix.  It's going to come down to finding consistent production from the other spots and a few surprises including Knowshon Moreno in Denver, who appears to be showing up.

9. The Fighting 5.7's - While Peyton Manning was distributing a beat down to his little brother, KUGrad was having a little beat down distributed to him as well.  The Gillgino's walked into KUGrad's confident bunch and left them crying for the girlfriend.  The man famous for correctly predicting the KU over GTech win was unsuccessful in forecasting the pain that ensued on Sunday.  Better luck next time, decent team...horrible owner. : )

10.  Antonio Cromartie is My Dad Too - In the playoffs at the moment but how good is this group really? Joe Flacco at quarterback and questionable depth at running back.  Hard to say if KC can hold on or not.  Maybe a bit low at #10, but I think it's a reflection of the overall division outlook.

11. Perpetual Dolemite- Might Seneca Wallace be the answer to a competitive team?  After adding both Ben Roethlisberger and Dennis Dixon the Steeler pride almost did things in.  Luckily a Cleveland vs. KC matchup and an injury to Jake Delhomme opened a window for a win.  Can Wallace provide some consistency until the return of Big Ben?

12. You got Angused - Squeaked by on a formality in week one. Week two against a top five opponent just didn't go as well.  It's a team on paper that I still think looks decent.  We'll just have to see if a few bigger names get their act together or if the underperforming becomes the norm.

13. NY Chiefs - The Chiefs got a bad performance out of Tom Brady and the rest of the group was once again Mediocre.  The biggest let down so far?  Without a doubt the Cowboys D.  Tough start for Jerry's kids and it might not get any better.

14.  Tosche Station Power Converters - Last year's regular season champ sits in the bottom tier to start 2010.  0-2 start but not bad performances.  Not great, but definitely not bad.  Plenty of time to make it up and as Bensa knows anything can happen in the playoffs.  If I might make a recommendation it would be to spend less time worrying about a law degree and more time concerned with saving face in the fantasy league.

15.  Dolphin Safe Whalers - They got a win!! but hey it was against KC who I've knocked down several notches as a result.  One would have to think that Drew Brees might start to explode soon however, so this could be the start of a steady climb.

16.  The Beltway Mudslingers - Donovan McNabb had a game but the rest of the team just struggled to put it together as a whole.  0-2 start in a tough division.  Plenty of time to recoup but they don't look like a scoring juggernaut by any means early.

17.  RockemChalkem Robots -Made a few moves, took a few chances and it didn't work out.  It doesn't mean they are bad moves, just might take another week to know better. All in all it's good to see the activity.

18.  Miz-Who? - Phillip Rivers is still kicking the football and throwing tantrums.  Rivers is the only one that showed up for this one.  Tough to win when there's no support. 


Weekly Awards

Game of the Week - Perpetual Dolemite vs. The Power Converters.  A tenth of a point separated these two.  Tough loss for Bensa but a great game and a divisional battle.

The Mangino Award(Coach that's ripping his player a new a-hole) - Fighting 5.7's.  Top to bottom this team played with about as much emotion as a Turner Gill led team every other week.

The Best Coaching Performance(Previously known as the Mangino Award) - Hodja and the Stuckey's both scored a 100% in the coaching grades.  Solid job and it was in a head to head matcup.

The Stinkel(worst coaching performance)  - Miz-Who?  Fitting.

The Reesing(most impressive offensive performance of the week)- The Fighting Gillgino's...I OWN YOU GRAD!!

The Big 10 Award (worst offensive output of the week) -  KC and the Cromartie's.  Just 61 points, but get this...he coached em up. 95% coaching grade.