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Kansas Jayhawks News and Notes 9.21.10

Today we'll be mixing things up a bit as RC is going to be a day behind with his New Mexico State preview.  In it's place we'll go to the matchup breakdowns along with the normal Tuesday lineup. 

Kansas Football

Ku-2Q&A: Kansas linebacker Justin Springer - Big 12 Blog - ESPN
I missed this last week, maybe you didn't. But Justin Springer was interviewed on after his performance against Georgia Tech.

Ku-2KU's Gill: "It takes time." |
Turner Gill did not ask anybody for patience, but he'd take it if offered.

Ku-2Gill's timeout explanation puzzling | The Newell Post |
Newell looks at the DeAndre Brown fumble through the endzone scenario.

GiKu-2ll’s message remains the same to Jayhawks |

The Big 12

Going for two: Kerkhoff's look at Big 12 -
The Star's Blair Kerkhoff examines why some coaches are more likely to make gutsy calls while others must be more careful.

Missouri DE Aldon Smith out with broken bone in leg - ESPN
Tigers lose their top defender at least temporarily.

Around the Country

Houston loses Case Keenum, backup QB for season -
Not really related to anything KU but Keenum was a top QB in the country and Houston's season went downhill fast in a week.