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RCT Blogpoll Week 4 Ballot

I'm pretty sure I gave Arizona too large a boost and probably dinged the Hawkeyes a bit too much.  I'm giving Michigan State the sentimental boost because I like the way they play and their coach had a heart attack after the game.  Loser in all of that, Penn State simply because I have to stay below quota on my # of Big 10 teams on the ballot.

I expected Missouri to be my fourth Big 12 team to show up this week, but I had to hold off.  Truthfully I'd say that Okie Light, A&M or maybe even K-State could creep in before Pinkel's Tigers until they look better.

Oh...and I finally dropped Boise State after the consistent lobbying from the RCT masses. That said I made up for it by holding Air Force at 25 despite a narrow loss and moving the Nevada Wolfpack to #24.