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Kansas vs. Southern Miss. Drive Chart



Not too bad at first.  On offense the first three drives showed that Kansas could move the ball with multiple first downs, but just not enough consistency to go the distance.  The scary thing of course being that the defense allowed several long drives that occurred in 10 yard increments.  Fortunately Larry Fedora got cute and gave us one back in the form of an easy pick by Strozier.

The blocked punt was a killer, put the team behind the eight ball when it appeared things were settling in.  If the Jayhawk defense had been able to get a stop after that punt a 14-3 halftime deficit is very manageable, especially when you consider how this team came out at the start of the 2nd half.  2 three and outs by the defense and 7 points by the offense.  Who knows what might have happened without that extra cushion. 

If's, and, buts, coulda, shoulda, woulda's.  Plenty of em this year with Kansas.  Started in the summer with Jamal Greene and Vernon Brooks, then Spikes, Tharp, Hatch and now a team depleted at some key areas just has to keep fighting 

The question I have now is if Kansas gets a win against NMSU they sit 2-2.  How many of you expected 2-2 headed into this non-conference slate?  And is the W-L record even the issue or is it, as I would suspect, how the W's and L's have come to pass.