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Kansas Keys To The Game Against Southern Miss.

Pick up the blitz

In game one Southern Miss. tried to disrupt the Gamecocks with the blitz.  They brought pressure and unfortunately for USM, SC made them pay.  Kansas needs to do the same. 

The Jayhawk offensive line looked improved in game two but they still had moments where they were losing the battle in terms of pass protection.  There were also times in weeks one and two where the Jayhawk quarterbacks held the ball a little too long.  Both need to be handled better in order to keep USM on their heels. 

The other important factor will be the running backs properly identifying the blitz, picking it up as well and tight end help in max protect situations. 

If Kansas can keep the offense balanced, and do these things then they have a good chance of exploiting a Southern Miss defense that has room to improve. If Jordan Webb is running for his life, he doesn't have the experience or pocket presence at this stage of the game to survive and costly mistakes could be the result.