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Kansas Keys To The Game Against Southern Miss.

Limit the big play

If there is one thing Kansas has done well defensively so far it's limiting the BIG plays.  Southern Miss. will present probably the biggest challenge in this respect.  Kansas can't sit back and let them dink and dunk down the field, but when you attack or take risk there is the chance of getting beat deep or for a big play.

After two seasons spent watching our Jayhawks do little or nothing to try and dictate how an offense is going to play us, I'm perfectly fine with Kansas taking a chance and getting beat here or there.  What's important is that they limit the damage in those instances and keep them as few and far between as possible.

Too many DeAndre Brown deep balls and this team is in trouble. Give yourself another opportunity to make a play and give Southern Miss. another chance to make a mistake, but don't get overly conservative.  It's a tricky balance, but that's why they pay Carl Torbush the big bucks.

Live to fight another day and respond.