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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 9.15.10

Today we break down Turner Gill, Tim Biere, Jordan Webb, Chris Harris and Steven Johnson from the presser yesterday afternoon. We dive into the matchups fo Friday and the RCT Roundtablers are back at it this afternoon.

KU Football

Ku-2Report: Kansas Athletics debt on the rise |
Rivet...what does this mean???

Ku-2KU's Bourbon may redshirt |
From that standpoint maybe it's a good think to go easy on the Bourbon on gameday.

Ku-2KU looking for LB depth |
Gill is looking for depth and I'd agree, these three can't go all season playing the snaps they have so far. FREE TOBEN!!

Ku-2KU quarterback Webb has his Missouri hometown switching allegiances -
A fun story on Webb's hometown. I can remember when he committed to Kansas there were plenty of stories about the friendly and non-friendly abuse he took back home.

Ku-2New territory: Gill gets chance to see how KU responds after first win |
Another week, another question as to how the Gill led team will respond.

Ku-2Southern Miss gets second shot at BCS foe |
The Golden Eagles are looking to get a little redemption after an early season loss to South Carolina.

Around The Big 12

Bob Stoops wants Oklahoma fans to sing national anthem properly -
Small story in the grand scheme of things but I like this. Nice move by Stoops.

Dismissed UCLA center J'mison Morgan eligible to play for Baylor immediately - ESPN Dallas
Some news in the Big 12 basketball world. Remember this guy? Self recruited him, I think he's almost 40 now though.