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RCT Football League Power Rankings Week 1

Week on is in the books and the play on the field finally get's to speak for the trash talking and behind the scenes maneuvering off the field. 

Some big jumps and mighty far falls in week one as is often the case.  Plenty more to come with this story and way to early to overreact.  Unless of course you are the Dolphin Safe Whalers.  Then you might want to overreact.

Power Rankings

1. Trending Meme - Warden rides the strong yet sometimes inaccurate arm of Jay Cutler and the punch em in pair of TD's from Bears runningback Matt Forte.  The result?  An upset of last year's dominant team the Power Converters.  #1 in the ranking for now Warden, but don't count on being able to rely on anyone playing for the Chicago Bears for consistency.

2.  The Fighting 5.7's- Worst owner in fantasy sports period. But he did almost complete the week one worst to first turnaround after big days from Chris Johnson and everyone's favorite reality star Chad OchoCinco.  Grad takes the early lead in the toughest division ever assembled in fantasy football.  Seems he's picked up right where he left off, kicking the Beltway Mudslingers to the curb.

3.  Supercharged Stuckey's - I bashed them in the preseason for what I thought was a missed draft.  What happens?  The Stuckey's promptly go out and PLOW through me behind the monster day of Adrian Foster for the Texans.  Genius move? or dumb luck?

4.   Kansas Farm Boys - I liked them in the preseason and I still like em today.  The Farm Boys are solid top to bottom.  Carson Palmer and Wes Welker paid off in week one.  Eddie Royal looks like a sleeper and the Chargers defense should get better after walking into the buzzsaw of Arrowhead on an opening Monday night.

5.  Bourbon and Water - Peyton Manning is still an animal, but the rest of the team came out a little sluggish.  Still you just can't deny a team that wins behind the arm of a Manning.  Good week for Bourbon and Water in the fantasy game, good but not great.

6.  Tosche Station Power Converters - They lost in the first week but this is a team to keep an eye on.  They were beaten by karma most likely.  The fact that ownership won't give up his gripe about the 18 team league led to a banner day by his opponent.  The Power Converters are dangerous, but let this serve as a warning that you should never make the fantasy gods angry

7.  I Want Kande- Good week for Kande.  Hakeem Nicks is the real deal, Peyton Manning has to throw to someone and that often means Dallas Clark.  With Brett FaVRe struggling just a smidge against a tough Saints D, this group has a chance to get even better. 

8.  Antonio Cromartie is My Dad Too - Big week from the Titans D and Miles Austin.  If those two can continue to play at the same level as many might expect, then this team has a shot to be good.  Biggest question mark? Can Brandon Marshall be better?  One would hope so.

9. NY Chiefs - The Chiefs got nothing from the Cowboys D or Darren Sproles which hurt, but with Tom "Crash" Brady and Larry Fitzgerald all is well.  The Chiefs take a big step in week one toward a legitimate playoff birth in 2010.

10.  Denver's Fighting Gillgino's - The Gillgino's missed out by not playing Austin Collie and Mercedes Lewis a combined 38 points.  In their place?  Desean Jackson and Tony Scheffler a combined 6 points.  This team is good, Kyle Orton will put up numbers in Denver, now the Gillgino's just need to make better decisions and get the Vikins D back on track.

11. The Despicables - The Broncos D would never appear to be a good choice and the Despicables paid the price.  In the end though it wouldn't have mattered, the opponent just managed a flawless week and scored a 100% on the coaching grade.  No way to beat that.

12. Perpetual Dolemite- Paying the price for Ben Roethlisbergers sexual appetite.  Denis Dixon played good but not great and in general it just wasn't a good week.  Plenty of talent on this team though so things could get better in a hurry.

13. You got Angused - The Angused's win in a tiebreaker.  Two more TD's by starters than their opponent, grindin in out!

14.  RockemChalkem Robots - Tough way to lose.  Blame Shonn Greene, he sucked.

15.  The Beltway Mudslingers - Just full of mediocrity.  Much like the NFC North in the 90's.  Surely all the dependence on Baltimore will get better after that slugfest on Monday night. 

16.  Miz-Who? - Decent team, bad day from the skilled positions.  All I know is that if Phillip Rivers can put up decent numbers in a hurricane, he can be dangerous once he's back in sunny San Diego.

17.  Hodja Camels - Kevin Kolb...biggest Fantasy draft bust of all time.  This guy was Brian Bosworth, Tony Mandarich and Todd Marinovich all rolled into one.  Matt Moore might be the best option.

18.  Dolphin Safe Whalers - I'm sorry, this is just too funny! After losing a bet and having to change the name from the "seal clubbers" to the Dolphin Safe Whalers, your team got this much worse!  Ouch, that's a double whammy.  In all seriousness though, things look like they could get better.

Weekly Awards

Game of the Week - I'll go with the power converters vs. Trending Meme. A week one battle between top teams is always fun.

The Mangino Award(Coach that's ripping his player a new a-hole) - Hodja Camels.  Kevin Kolb be spending this week bear crawling his way to Houston.  Sure he got injured, but he still sucked.

The Best Coaching Performance(Previously known as the Mangino Award) - Trending Meme and The Farm Boys both pull of 100% coaching performances, strong work fellas.

The Stinkel(worst coaching performance)  - The Fighting Gillgino's, hmmm...? This is embarrassing

The Reesing(most impressive offensive performance of the week)- Trending Meme.  A good week for Warden.

The Big 10 Award (worst offensive output of the week) -  The Dolphin Safe Whalers. You're thinking about changing your name back...admit it!