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Kansas vs. Georgia Tech Drive Chart




It's good to see drives end in scores.  It's even better when some of those drives were longer, sustained drives that provided a much needed breather for a defense that played with great effort across the board. All in all the drive chart provides a quick look back at a fun game to watch. 

The defense does continue to give up field position, but I think any Kansas fan would admit that they have been more than thrilled with the energy, effort and the fact that while the defense does bend, it isn't breaking in the same fashion it has in years past.

My favorite thing to see?  Three turnovers on downs by the Yellow Jackets. The Jayhawk defense made the stops when it was  critical and two of those occurred late in the game giving the Jayhawks excellent field position. 

Minus the miscue on the opening kick and Prinz Kande's catch interference, the special teams looked pretty good.  Alonso Rojas continues to be a stud whether it's dropping one inside the 5 or getting crushed for a roughing the kicker penalty.  Well, maybe that isn't really a good thing and the punt unit needs to sure up the protection, but it paid off against Tech.

RCT Gameballs

Defense: Justin Springer

Springer was an animal on the taking on the task of containing Josh Nesbitt.  Nesbitt's final rushing tally? 15 carries, just 33 yards.

Offense: Offensive line

Tough call on this one as there were several individuals that had solid games.  The o-line gets it though.  They took a great deal of criticism a week ago and responded in a big way.  The Jayhawks two primary running backs averaged 5.9 yards per carry.  Major improvement from a week ago.