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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes: Georgia Tech Recap

Well it has had a little time to sink in.  This game was great for so many reasons.  No the product isn't flawless and they'll be bumps in the road, but the way this team and staff responded when no one gave them a chance was certainly reassuring. 

No one thought this team could beat Tech, no one would have faulted them if they had failed to do so.  But I'll take this as proof that the cupboard isn't bare. 

Again this isn't the end all be all, Kansas will still have growing pains and the breaks won't always go their way.  But Kansas did enough and improved enough to make the outlook for the future look a little bit brighter. Friday will be a huge indicator as right now we have two samples of this team.  One really good, one really bad.  The truth probably lies somewhere in the middle and I'm ok with that for now. 

I'll have a game recap this afternoon with a look at key performances, where this game was won and give one more chance to look back at a Kansas win vs. a TOP 20 opponent.  For now, your morning links and plenty of good reading to be done.

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A much better report card this week.

Ku-2KU 28, Georgia Tech 25 - Photo Gallery -
KU 28, Georgia Tech 25 Photo Gallery

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Sims and the flat top for the win!

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KUSports recap

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SBNation had a close eye on this one.

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NCAA College Football Recap

Ku-2Win does wonders for KU coach Gill’s image -
"But now? The entire narrative is different. Last week’s doubts turn into this week’s dreams."

Ku-2Tech: KU ‘inspired’ |
Inspired and responding in a way we didn't all last year.

Ku-2Emotional LB Justin Springer has big day vs. Georgia Tech |
Very happy for Springer. He was an animal out there on Saturday.