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A week ago Kansas dropped a shocker against FCS opponent North Dakota State.  The nation took notice of the less than stellar start to the Turner Gill era.  Some called it a trainwreck, asked for the return of Mark Mangino and the reality is that even the most optimistic of Kansas fans were a little bit skeptical.

Everything changed today with Turner Gill's first victory and a huge win it was.  The Jayhawks looked like a different team from the get go.  The Kansas defense continued to play well keeping Josh Nesbitt and the Georgia Tech offense at bay.  The biggest stat for the Kansas defense?  Holding the Yellow Jackets to 5-17 on 3rd and 4th down conversions.

Offensively the Kansas offensive line looked much improved.  Quarterback Jordan Webb finished 18/29 for 179 yards 3 touchdowns and one interception that was no fault of his own.  In the running game Kansas found it's first 100 yard runner on the season in true freshman James Sims.  It was a balanced attack, an effective attack and an offense that kept Kansas in the game throughout.

Start to finish this one felt different.  The mental errors, the miscues and poor execution from a week ago all seemed to go by the wayside.  At the end of the day Kansas get's a huge win for the teams confidence and a win against a top 20 opponent. 

A short week as the Hawks turn around to face Southern Mississippi on Friday, but once again Kansas fans will be looking to this one with a lot of anticipation as the Jayhawks appear eager to prove that week one was a fluke and not the norm.