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RCT Community Picks: Week 2

We're back with the results for Week 2.  The members of the site look well educated in their football after last week, going 10-1 overall.  We know who gave us the lone loss but that's all in the past and we're all about looking ahead here at Rock Chalk Talk.  Below is the description of how the games will be broken down from last week's post:

The games will be broken down into three categories.  Category one will be the locks and I'll put any team that gets 85% of more of the vote into this group.  Category two will be the "pretty confident" group and this category will be games that have any from 60% to 84% of the vote for one team.  The third category will be the "toss up" group, these games will have the votes split from 40% to 59% for one team. 

Results below the jump!


  • Georgia Tech vs Kansas: 87% of the voters missed the Kool-Aid this week.  
  • Nebraska vs Idaho: Nebraska received unanimous support.  Their offense appeared competent last week and it should look that way again this week.  
  • California vs Colorado: 94% for Cal this week.  Nobody was impressed with how the Buffaloes handled Colorado State, if they surprise us this week we might start believing in them a little more.
  • Iowa State vs Iowa: 90% for the Hawkeyes this week.  A beatdown here would raise my hopes for winning a conference game this year.
  • Missouri vs McNeese State: 100% for the Tigers.  Can you believe people are actually going to pay $40 to watch this game on PPV?  Even Lew Perkins thinks that is outrageous.
  • Oklahoma State vs Troy: 100% for Cowboys as well.  Looked impressive last week, I wouldn't be surprised if they pull off a big win in the conference this year.  Maybe Nebraska?
  • La. Tech vs Texas A&M: Another 100%.  I've got a built in bias against the Aggies, never believe they're any good.
  • Wyoming vs Texas: 100% for the Longhorns.  Texas is giving up 28 points in this one, I'd feel comfortable with some money on that game.
  • K-State vs Missouri State: 100%.  How many yards will Daniel Thomas rack up today?  Maybe the Jayhawks should have scheduled Missouri State instead of North Dakota State.
  • Texas Tech vs New Mexico: 2 people actually voted for New Mexico.  
  • Baylor vs Buffalo: 100% voted for the Baylor win.  Seems like nobody has any faith in Buffalo this year after losing their head man last year.

Pretty Confident


  • Oklahoma vs Florida State: 71%.  Oklahoma didn't look appear to be that impressive in week 1 but I didn't see any part of the Seminoles.  Had to go with the Sooners in this one for two reasons, at Norman and I've thought Florida State has started the last 10ish seasons overrated.

I'll take 11-1 this week with us missing the Kansas game again.  Who's with me?