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Kansas Keys To The Game Against Georgia Tech

What say you Rock Chalk Talk reader and Kansas Jayhawk fan.  I've outlined the four areas I see as key to Kansas competing and perhaps pulling off a shocking upset, but obviously everyone has an opinion.  Let's open it up on Friday afternoon and have your keys to the game.  As a quick recap, here's mine:

  • Effectiveness from the Kansas front four defensively.
  • Attack the middle, and the deep middle when possible with the passing game.
  • Webb's been named the starter, stick with it and gameplan to his strengths.
  • The Kansas o-line needs to create running room when called upon.

Also, don't forget tomorrow morning and all day Saturday Rock Chalk Talk will have live blogging and open threads covering Kansas and all things college football as we do every Saturday.  If you don't have plans, feel free to check it out.