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Kansas Keys To The Game Against Georgia Tech

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Running Room

It has to happen.  Based on the switch at quarterback Kansas might be looking more toward a passing attack and working toward the strength at receiver.  That's great, I applaud that.  But they still must find a way up front to move the ball at a better than a two yard per carry clip. 

Georgia Tech's front proved a bit of a weakness in the middle a week ago.  That certainly doesn't imply that this aspect of the game is a gimme for Kansas as the Jayhawks run blocking performance a week ago was equally if not more inept.  But if Kansas wants to keep the Tech defense honest and off guard they need to find a way to use a traditional running game at least at a mediocre level.

Run the ball, you set up the pass.  Run the ball and you open up our #2 key to the game with the middle of the field passing game.  Run the ball and you relieve a tremendous amount of pressure on your new quarterback. 

This isn't about becoming a run oriented team, that clearly isn't in the cards right now.  What it is about is taking those 40% of the plays that are called runs and making them help and not hurt the situation.