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Kansas Keys To The Game Against Georgia Tech

Make a decision and back that decision

Everyone understands that with a new coach and a new system there is going to be an evaluation process in determining the right trigger man.  But why can't that be done between spring and fall practices? 

Chuck Long spoke to this during the week saying that you just never know how a player is going to react when the lights come on.  I can accept that, but what did Jordan Webb do that was so much more remarkable than what Kale Pick was able to do. The fact of the matter is, it was next to impossible to accurately judge either based on last Saturday's performance and the consensus already seems to be that the QB position battle has been botched.

That said, it's time to put that aside and correct it going forward.  Turner Gill and Chuck Long have elected to go with Jordan Webb for the game against Georgia Tech.  If after the first game they feel they need to adjust the offense, which I hope they do, and that offense fits Jordan Webb better than great.  But let's give him a chance to work.  No looking over the shoulder, no feeling that with every poor throw or missed read he might be replaced, let him work.

Unfortunately Gill has already left the door open saying that Pick might see snaps as well. I hate to see the back and forth and while I know there are very few Todd Reesings in the world this brings us back to a time when Kansas rarely found stability at the position.

Now obviously Gill and Long are former quarterbacks so I have to believe they know what they are doing.  It's just my hope that Kansas has made the choice to go with Webb, they stick with that choice and they mold the offense and gameplan to reflect that choice.