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Kansas Keys To The Game Against Georgia Tech

Attack Over The Middle

I hate to open up a can of worms here but Kansas did try to do this a few times last week, but every time it was to Tim Biere and it just wasn't a great day for him.  Regardless, Kansas needs to go back to that place on the field and go back there with multiple targets.

Much of the opener was spent focusing on short routes into the flat, nonproductive running plays and nonproductive plays period.  Yes Kansas needs to give the quarterback time to make these throws but Turner Gill himself stated that this teams strength is at receiver and tight end...from that standpoint.

That being the case let's get the ball into those players hands in a position where they can move the chains.  The flat routes and bubble screens are great for a guy like Daymond Patterson or DJ Beshears, they are shifty and quick and can make something happen.  But Kansas has great depth when it comes to long rangy targets that can go up and attack the ball in the air and make a play. 

Kansas could do themselves a big favor by finding opportunities to get Jonathan Wilson, AJ Steward, Bradley McDougald, any one of a number of 6'3'+ backups and yes even Tim Biere the ball across the middle. And if the offensive line can improve their pass blocking, Kansas needs to attack the deep middle.