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Kansas Keys To The Game Against Georgia Tech

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Defensive Front Four

I've mentioned it since the preseason and both of our guest bloggers mentioned it this week as well, Georgia Tech struggles with big physical defensive fronts.  Last year's Orange Bowl loss to the Iowa Hawkeyes more or less cemented the blue print for the time being, the question is can Kansas accomplish that?

The Jayhawks certainly enter the game at a bit of a disadvantage.  Last weeks starters on the interior, Pat Dorsey and Richard Johnson Jr weigh in at 273 and 283 respectively.  Both played fairly well in week one as did the entire defense but John Williams and his 290 pound frame need to be in this game early and often.   Perhaps Kansas can even talk him into adding back the 30+ pounds he lost in the offeason at least for one game. 

The biggest boost to this group for game two would be in the form of 6'4" 327 pound Darius Parish who did not even suit up against the Bison.  I'm not holding my breath but if Kansas could rotate Parish and Williams with one of the other two starters from a week ago it could help the cause in the middle.

At end it again boils down to a thin depth chart.  Quinton Woods, Kevin Young, Jake Laptad and Keba Agostinho are the four that played in week one and the four that will see minutes in week two.  From a physical standpoint Kansas needs Young and Laptad to step up to the plate in a big way and if it's me, Agostinho is the 1st man off the bench in the rotation.  He looked strong for a true freshman and moves well at that.

This is going to be a big challenge for Kansas, but the front four is going to have to play bigger than they are and play much more physical than a week ago if Kansas wants to contain a potent Yellow Jacket running attack.